What Do You Need to Know to Choose the Right Marketing Agency?

What Do You Need to Know to Choose the Right Marketing Agency?

The truth is that almost everyone has had some kind of unpleasant experience with their business relationships. Who hasn’t been scammed at least once in their life? If we haven’t, we sure have heard stories from our friends. Find out the 5 crucial Alarming Signs you MUST avoid when choosing your digital marketing agency. Make the smart choice! 

#1: The agency has no plan 

From the first day your agency makes you wonderful promises about quick returns, lower costs and everything you wished for. So far, so good but do they have a certain plan on how to achieve that? If your agency doesn’t provide you with a certain strategy for your campaigns, then something is definitely missing. The next problem which occurs is that they don’t have clear deadlines? They just promise you results but they never say how and when they will be achieved? It’s time to rethink your work with them, otherwise you risk being played around for months. 

#2: The agency doesn’t like questions

They don’t constantly ask you questions about your content? The results aren’t great and your agency is not offering any improvements or changes to your already existing campaigns? Or even worse, they don’t answer YOUR questions? Then, you sure have a problem. Your agency should always seek to improve results. Of course, mistakes happen- sometimes the campaigns are just not successful. But what is important is that your agency has solutions to solve that problem. Usually, this happens by asking and answering a lot of questions not only to you, but to your clients as well. And even more your agency should be always willing to answer your questions. As a client you need to make sure that what the agency is doing with your money is completely transparent.

#3: The agency wants to run ads out of their account

Always persist to run ads from your account. First, it is more logical to use the data you already have on your account, rather than starting from zero. If an agency wants to run your ads from their account this is most probably just a way to control you. Imagine you agree to use the account of your agency to run your ads. What happens is that all of the data for your audiences, campaigns and pixels will be on their account and not yours! If you choose to stop working with them, they could easily scam you and say that all of your data stays with them. Not only they have your valuable information, but what’s even worse they leave you with NO data. This means that once again you have to start collecting it from zero. 

#4: You have only one person signed to your account

Most of the agencies are trying to grow bigger as quickly as possible. That often means assigning only one person to an account. This may result in less creativity and worse results. The expert opinion of more specialists is always better than just the opinion of one single person. In DigitInk,( линк) we always work together to solve the problems of our clients. Don’t worry you will get a range of ideas!  

#5: You don’t quite understand what they are saying

Your agency knows that you are not a marketing specialists and yet they only talk using complex metrics and a number of abbreviations that you don’t quite understand. In the same time, you have no real ideas how your campaigns are performing. If this is the case, our advice is to try talking to your agency. Make them adapt their report so that you can get the numbers that matter to you. 

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